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Water and Sewer Main Replacements

Water Main

When the water in your restaurant slows to a trickle, completely stops, it’s most likely because your commercial water supply lines are subpar. Water is the lifeblood of any establishment, be it an office building, restaurant, snack shop. Maybe yours are many years old and need replacement. No matter the situation, making certain your commercial water supply lines are in good condition is a necessity.

Sewer Main

Don’t put off calling for our skilled repair or replacement services when drains begin to clear slower than normal or in some cases might not empty at all. If several drains in your commercial property are clogged at one time or you notice a foul odor around your property chances are it won’t be long until you are faced with damaging sewage backup.

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Terry Kahl Plumbing has provided water and sewer main repairs and replacements since 1984. We stock a wide variety of mechanical fittings so we can get your water back on and your drains flowing again.

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