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Toilets, Faucets & Sinks


Degradation of the parts and seals of a toilet over time are common, our technicians are experienced with all brands and models and will give useful insight into its inner workings. 


Common toilet issues that require skilled service are:

  • Leaking toilet: a toilet that leaks might be results of a crack within the tank or bowl, worn washers or a rusty pipe.

  • Constantly running: This is probably caused by a flapper which may no longer seal, issues with the chain or the handle.


*Use shut off valve at the base of the toilet if it is overflowing or leaking to prevent damage or additional complications*

Our plumbers will assist you in finding an efficient replacement toilet if necessary, keeping in mind the most vital features that make up a quality product. Ask about the importance of the trap way.

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Interior of bathroom with sink basin fau
Filing glass pitcher with water from tap

Faucets fail because of worn, broken or corroded components.

Signs of a failing faucet:

  • Dripping from the spout

  • Leaking around the handles   

  • A faucet that will not activate or shut off all the way     

*It's a good idea to check under your kitchen or bathroom sink for any leaks.*


The aesthetics of the faucet and sink plays a significant role within the look and feel of your room and is one of the most used fixtures in your home. Terry Kahl Plumbing is able to assist in selecting the one which will meet the demands for your lifestyle. The kitchen and bathroom faucets and sinks have a large variety of sizes, shapes, finishes & technologies on the market.


Terry Kahl plumbers are experienced at repairing every type of faucets - compression, cartridge, disk & ball. ​

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